Education and training

The Bavarian Natural History Collections (SNSB)
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The broad population’s education in terms of natural history is the core task of the SNSB’s museums and collections. Humans are ready to protect and preserve only what they know. The great variety on earth is presented in numerous permanent and special exhibitions by the Bavarian Natural History Collections (SNSB) with attention drawn to changes and dangers. Objects of our collections and research activities are exhibited in our numerous museums. Additionally, we open our collection magazines during our open house days and show our collections‘ great holdings to the general public. In several „Citizen Science Projects“, we frequently include committed field amateurs and interested members of the public in our research. For example, within the framework of a wild bees-catching project initiated by the Botany and Mycology State Collection (BSM), we asked Munich’s inhabitants for their assistance in the search of numbered wild bees in order to assess their range. There is also continued, active participation of dedicated members of the public interested in botany, especially when it comes to the collection of plants within the „Flora of Munich“ Project, aimed at the study of changes in the urban flora.