Website BIOTOPIA Lab:


Founding director Naturkundemuseum Bayern: Prof. Dr. Michael John Gorman

Management BIOTOPIA Lab: Dr. Nina Möllers

The BIOTOPIA Lab serves as an interim platform in the period between the closure of the Museum Mensch und Natur and the opening of the new Naturkundemuseum Bayern. It is a dynamic exhibition space, an event platform and an experimental workshop all at the interface of science, art, design and culture. At the same time, the BIOTOPIA Lab offers an insight into the development process of the new museum.

With workshops, raised garden beds, an experimental space, changing mystery objects and special exhibitions as well as interdisciplinary events, it arouses curiosity about the topics of the future Naturkundemuseum Bayern.

To enter, you must pass through the main entrance of the Botanical Garden:
Botanical Garden München-Nymphenburg
Menzinger Straße 61 – 65
80638 München


Botanisches Institut
Menzinger Str. 67
80638 München
Tel.: 089 178 61-411