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Botanischer Garten München-Nymphenburg (BGM)

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Director: Prof. Dr. Gudrun Kadereit


In the Botanical Garden München-Nymphenburg (BGM), with an area of 21.2 hectares, around 19.600 species and subspecies are cultivated. Together with the Alpine Garden at Schachen (at an altitude of 1.860 m), the Botanical Garden is involved in national and international research projects providing important material and observation data. The Botanical Garden München-Nymphenburg collects, studies, cultivates and exhibits wild and cultivated plants from all over the world and thus from different climatic regions according to scientific criteria. Its collection of living plants also serves research purposes.

At the Botanical Garden’s extensive orchid collection, the chemistry of orchid scents is explored. For the technically complex analyses, the Botanical Garden collaborates with chemists who can use the orchids for their investigations thanks to the expertise available at the garden in the cultivation of orchids: scents can only be obtained from living flowers. This is a good example of the importance of botanical gardens for basic research in chemical ecology.

Another focus are studies of chromosomes of the papaya family (Caricaceae) and the arum family (Araceae) using state-of-the-art molecular cytogenetic methods. Research questions concern the role of chromosome loss and sex chromosomes.

A third focus are ongoing experiments on the perception of temperature and daylight by buds in spring and related to this the effect of climate warming on leaf emergence and frost damage in spring.


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