Bavarian State Collection for Palaeoanatomy

Staatssammlung für Paläoanatomie München (SPM)

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Director: Prof. Dr. Joris Peters


The Bavarian State Collection for Palaeoanatomy (SPM) is a research institution that forms part of the Bavarian Natural History Collections. It is in charge of the scientific investigation of preserved corporeal relics of animals from prehistoric and historic times.

The research focuses on the reconstruction of Bavaria’s earlier landscapes, environments and fauna. Depending on the research projects, archaeological skeletal finds from other regions are included in the investigations, for example material from the “Fertile Crescent” – considered the geographical origin of agriculture. The methodological spectrum covers all osteological levels from gross morphology to chemical composition, and preserved biomolecules.

The SPM has no public exhibition. Access to the collections is possible for scientific visitors only, after consultation with the directorate or curators.

Current projects: Transalpin-Projekt, Säugetiersammlung, Fischsammlung, Göbekli Tepe, Milet


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