Boards & Committees

Board of Directors (Direktorium)

The Board of Directors is responsible for joint fundamental and strategic tasks. It decides on the distribution of the allocated budget funds and positions as well as the filling of academic staff positions.

  • Prof. Dr. Joris Peters, Director General
  • Dr. Elisabeth Schepers, Secretary General
  • Prof. Dr. Alexander Nützel, Head of the Collection Committee
  • Prof. Dr. Gudrun Kadereit, Head of the Research Committee
  • Dr. Michael Apel & Prof. Dr. Stefan Hölzl, Heads of the Science Communication Committee

Committees (Fachausschüsse)

The three committees Collection, Research and Science Communication advise the Board of Directors on a subject-related basis. They receive funding from the Board of Directors to support interdepartmental and interdisciplinary projects and infrastructure.

Collection Committee

  • Head: Prof. Dr. Alexander Nützel
  • Assistant: Dr. Nora Battermann

Research Committee

  • Head: Prof. Dr. Gudrun Kadereit
  • Assistant: Dr. Amaryllis Vidalis

Science Communications Committee

  • Head: Dr. Michael Apel and Prof. Dr. Stefan Hölzl
  • Assistant: Katja Henßel


The Plenum advises the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors informs the plenum about important developments. The plenum is co-chaired by the Director General and the Secretary General. The members of the Plenum are the heads of department, the museum directors of the regional museums, the Equal Opportunities Officer and the Chairwoman of the SNSB Staff Council.