Core research areas at the SNSB are Alpine Systems and Changing Biosphere.

Main focus

Documentation and reconstruction of changes in bio- and geodiversity and evolutionary research

The scientific objects and data of the SNSB collections expand from a few weeks to decades to (hundreds) of millions of years. They depict seasonal analyses, document the establishment of neobiota over centuries or the domestication history of animals over millennia, and also provide information on geoprocesses and continental drift. The SNSB collections are globally oriented. Research at the SNSB focuses on Bavaria and the Alpine region, the southern German Plattenkalke and global biodiversity hotspots such as Peru, Chile, Indonesia and Madagascar.

Recording and describing previously unknown species as well as meteorites, rocks or minerals

The SNSB pursue an integrative taxonomy, using diverse genotypic and phenotypic characteristics for typification. If necessary, they carry out corrections or revisions of the taxa, as far as new data makes this necessary.

Method development and testing of the scientific validity of techniques

Research activities at SNSB are closely intertwined with their collection activities. As research infrastructure, the collection objects form the starting point for analyses and provide permanent evidence for reseach results.

Fossil excavations

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Research excavation in the Plattenkalke of Brunn/Upper Palatinate In cooperation with the associatio [...]

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